About JustLikeYou Global Foundation

Just Like You Global Foundation (JLU) is a non-profit organization that believes people who experience abuse and human trafficking have a right to a decent, protected life. To ensure victims' safety and a violence-free community, JLU sponsors educational programs to facilitate a smooth transition from crisis to confidence and security.

Lack of economic self-sufficiency plays a critical role in violence, abuse, and or safety. Sometimes victims may feel obligated to stay in a harmful environment due to their inability to provide for themselves. JLU focuses on providing survivors with educational and economic opportunities to self-sustain lead and life from abuse. 

JLU's Advocacy and empowerment services are aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Zero hunger, Good health & wellbeing, Quality Education, Quality education & Gender equality.


Our Mission

To be the catalyst for social change in our community.

To create a society where abusers and abused people can access the right resources for healing and recovery.

To break the silence, raise awareness, and change the negative cultural norms on abuse.

 To introduce social intervention and empowerment programs for young girls and women. 

Our Vision

To create a community where there is zero-tolerance for abuse

To engage in advocacy efforts for victims’ wellbeing at the community, national, and international levels by partnering with NGOs and government entities.

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"We believe all victims should be loved and nurtured and  encouraged to  live a life of  hope and new beginnings"


Making A Difference One Life At A Time

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